Want to try products for free? Here’s how you can get started.

With grocery cost rising, it can be risky trying new things. I often spend more time in the grocery store, to see if trying a new product is really worth it. I hate the disappointment that follows when I feel that I’ve wasted my money on something that didn’t meet my expectations.

If you love trying new products, but don’t wanna to spend too much cash doing it, check out Aisle. With Aisle, you can get up 100% cash back rebate when you try new products. Aisle makes getting cash back really easy.

The money is usually sent in 24 hours!

All you have to do is, opt in to text, buy the eligible product, take a photo of the receipt & text it to Aisle & the cash rebate is sent from Paypal or Venmo!

It’s that simple.

You can always opt out of text messaging after your rebate is received by texting “STOP” to the phone number provided by Aisle.

Click here to see what products are offered in your area. 


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