Could you use a monthly $10 credit from Amazon?

If you haven’t signed up for Amazon Shopper Panel, you’re missing out. The Amazon Shopper program was released to the public in 2020. There seemed to be a long waiting list, with many waiting to be selected. You can get a FREE $10 monthly credit when you scan your shopping receipts. Amazon will give you a credit when you to scan up to 10 receipts each month. You can scan or email receipts from your most recent grocery, gas, & restaurant purchases. After each receipt is reviewed and approved, Amazon will add the credit to your account for use in the following month. There are also survey’s & ads that are displayed periodically that will allow you to earn a little more. However, this is an invitation only rewards program. Amazon has a undisclosed selection process & unfortunately all accounts are not accepted at this time. Click here to sign up & learn more!  You may be selected immediately or added to a waitlist.


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