Free ‘Just Neuter Me, Bro’ Sticker! No purchase necessary

I’ve got some pawsome news that’s going to make your heart (and your water bottle) a little happier! Right now, you can score a Free ‘Just Neuter Me, Bro’ Sticker, and trust me, it’s more than just a trendy accessory – it’s a conversation starter for a cause that desperately needs our attention.

Imagine this: With just one sticker, you can help spread crucial info about animal well-being without saying a word. How cool is that? Whether you slap it on your water bottle, phone case, laptop, or any other surface people can see, you’re instantly raising awareness about a serious issue: animal homelessness and overpopulation.

Here’s the deal – about 70 million dogs and cats across the country are affected by overpopulation. That’s a staggering number, right? And while we all wish we could do more, sometimes small actions can create big changes. This sticker is one of those actions. It’s an easy way to let everyone know that spaying and neutering pets is essential in combating this issue.

Plus, let’s be real – the ‘Just Neuter Me, Bro’ design is pretty catchy. It’s got that perfect blend of humor and heart, making it the perfect addition to your daily essentials. Every glance from a friend, coworker, or passerby is a chance to spread the word and spark a conversation about a topic that matters.

Ready to join the movement? Click here to get your free ‘Just Neuter Me, Bro’ sticker.


FREE Haircuts for Adults & Kids at Great Clips!

Snip Snip Hooray: Free Haircuts Are Here Just in Time for Back-to-School! 🎉✂️

Before you dive into the chaos school supplies and lunchboxes, I’ve got some hair-raising news that will make you smile. (I know that was cheesy but I couldn’t resist, haha)

Great Clips is offering FREE haircuts! Yes, you read that right—FREE haircuts for both kids and parents! So if you’ve been rocking that summer mess of a hairstyle, now’s your chance to refresh your look without spending a dime. I mean, who wouldn’t want to strut into the new school year looking like a million bucks without actually spending it?

Why You Should Jump on This Offer

  1. Because Who Doesn’t Love Free?
    Let’s be real; free stuff is the holy grail of adulthood. Whether you’re a parent trying to look sharp for those school drop-offs or a kid eager to show off a fresh cut on the first day of school, this is the ultimate deal!
  2. It’s Not Just for the Kids!
    That’s right! Moms and dads, you deserve a little pampering too. Who says kids get to have all the fun? Treat yourself to a stylish cut while you’re at it. You’ll be the coolest parent on the block—trust me!
  3. Limited Time Only!
    Now, don’t snooze on this one, my friends! Only the first 24,000 people will snag this sweet deal. So, grab your phone, text your bestie, and get ready to race to your nearest Great Clips. These free haircuts are like a limited-edition sneaker drop—once they’re gone, they’re gone! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW

But Wait, There’s More!

As if free haircuts weren’t enough to get you pumped, Great Clips is also serving up a $5 off coupon for completing a super fun quiz on their website. Seriously, it’s as easy as pie (and probably just as delicious). Just answer a few questions, and voilà—you’ve unlocked a discount for your next visit! Who knew a little quiz could bring you closer to looking fabulous? TAKE THE QUIZ HERE

How to Get Involved

  1. Hit Up Great Clips! 🏃‍♀️💨
    Make sure you’re one of the first 24,000 lucky ducks. Check out their website or locate a salon near you to get those free locks snipped.
  2. Take the Quiz! 🤔
    Dive into the fun quiz and snag that $5 off coupon. You’re probably going to learn something about yourself, like which haircut best matches your vibe (I’m rooting for the beachy waves!).
  3. Strut Your Stuff!
    Once you’ve got your fresh ‘do, don’t forget to take a pic and show it off on your socials. Use #GreatClipsFresh to join the fun and share your back-to-school glow-up!

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2 Free Scoops of Ice Cream at Insomnia Cookies! Now – 7/22

This weekend, in honor of National Ice Cream Day, Insomnia Cookies is serving up something extra special—a FREE Ice Cream in a Cup with any purchase! Yes, you read that right! FREE ice cream!

Flavor Explosion!

Now, let’s talk about those flavors, shall we? Here’s just a taste of what you can expect:

  • Caramellionaire: A caramel lover’s paradise! This one is dripping with that sweet, buttery goodness.
  • Chocolate Ice Cream: Because sometimes, classic is just the best!
  • Cookie D’ough: A cookie dough dream come true—perfect for the cookie monster in all of us!
  • Peanut Butter Insomniac Tracks: A peanut butter lover’s delight that’ll have you dreaming of late-night snack adventures.
  • Minterstellar: Refreshing minty goodness that’ll take your taste buds on a cosmic journey.
  • Vanilla Ice Cream: The perfect base for all your toppings or simply enjoyed on its own!

And the best part? You can mix and match!

How to Get Your Free Scoop! 🙌

Getting your FREE Ice Cream in a Cup is super easy! Just head to your nearest Insomnia Cookies location or place your order online or through the app for delivery. But remember, this deal is valid now through July 22, 2024, so don’t wait too long to treat yourself! Get more info here.

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