Grocery prices are rising, here are 5 ways to avoid them.

Many Americans are outraged because Grocery store prices are skyrocketing, and it may be the highest it’s been in years. As of January 2022, Food costs are expected to make a 5% increase according to research firm IRI, however, the growth rate will vary from the store, state, and region. According to CNN, “Grocery prices were 6.4% higher than they were a year ago”. Nathaniel Meyersohn, CNN Business.
Despite the high rise in prices, Americans continue to shop the overpriced groceries, while burning a hole in their pockets, But you don’t have to,  there are many ways of saving money through technology, From rebate apps to Influencers, and Money-saving Websites Such as this one. Here’s how you can maximize your savings in 2022:

1 .One Cute Couponer

One cute Couponer is a money Saving Influencer with 520k+ subscribers on YouTube. Just in late 2021, she managed to rack up 50+ Million views on her YouTube channel just by teaching people to save money by using rebate apps, coupons and by simply finding high-priced items on clearance. In the Youtubers latest Video, She happens to find clothing for only 0.49 cents!
In the past, she has done money-saving challenges to get tons of groceries for under $10!


if you enjoy shopping, there may some items you don’t want give up to to save money. Luckily you can save money and continue to get the things you enjoy. How? The answer is simple. Rebate apps. Rebate apps can be lifesavers when it comes to saving money. Rebate apps can reward you real money for completing easy task; such as scanning your receipt after a shopping trip.
Here are some of the top rebate apps:

1.    Fetch rewards

Fetch rewards is a rebate app where you can submit any receipt to earn points. Those points will instantly be in your account and you can redeem points for gift cards! Want to get a head start? Get 2,000 points when you click this link and use code CR6MW.

 2.    Ibotta

Ibotta is a cash back app that allows you to earn cash for your in-store purchases.
For more information on how to use Ibotta, check out One cute Couponer’s Ibotta videos for step by step instructions. Click here to sign up!

    3.    ShopKick

ShopKick is an app that pays you just for scanning products in the store! Pretty easy right? You don’t even have to buy anything. Scanning in store earns you kicks, which are redeemable for gift cards.
Download the ShopKick app and use code: ERICA for a free $10.

3 . Online shopping

Ordering fast food from the comfort of your home sure is great, but all those fees and taxes can negatively hurt the pocket. Luckily there is a way to order groceries from the comfort of your home without any hidden fees, and Here’s how.

    1.    Instacart

Instacart is an online grocery service where you can get same-day groceries delivered straight to your home. With various stores to choose from, they have some of everyone’s favorite. From Target, Walmart, Cvs, Walgreens, and many more! *Stores may vary depending on location*

    2.    Walmart+

With Walmart+, you can order groceries and other household items from the comfort of your home. To get free shipping, and free grocery delivery; Click here to sign up for Walmart+ free for 30 days.

    3.    Gopuff

Gopuff is a third-party grocery delivery service with various products to choose from. With Gopuff, you can get your groceries delivered in as little as 30 minutes. To learn more about Go Puff, click here.
GoPuff delivers by zip code. To find out if they deliver to any zip codes in your city, click here.

4 . Discount Grocers

Discount grocery stores are stores that offer groceries for a low low price. To see if you have any discount grocers near you, check the list below to see if theirs stores are near you.
Examples of discount grocery stores are stores like:
•Save A Lot
•Trader Joe’s
•Dollar General
•Dollar Tree
For more information on how to money on groceries at Aldi, click here

5. Digital coupons

Many don’t know that grocery stores have apps that allow you to clip digital coupons to save you money when shopping in store. Some apps even add free offers to redeem in-store.
Stores with these apps:
    •  Publix
    •  Winn-Dixie
    •  Target
    •  Walgreens
    •  CVS
    •  Walmart
Offers like this may be displayed on the selected app:
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