Hot deal at CVS! Safeguard handsoap only .29 cents! (was $7.99)

Right now at CVS safeguard hand soap is ringing up for only $.29! These are the large bottles that are usually priced at $7.99.

At many stores they are still marked for $7.99 on the shelf , luckily you can use to CVS Redbox or coupon center to price check, so there is no need to ask a cashier for a price check. Now if you want to know how many bottles of soap your local store has, click the link below and enter your ZIP Code and see which stores near you have this soap in stock.

Just enter your zip code here, then scroll down so see which stores near you have this in stock. It won’t tell you the current price, just the inventory quantity. You’ll have to go in store to get the clearance price.

Click here to check the inventory at your local store!

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