Get $350 when you invite 2 friends to the Acorns App

The Acorns app helps you save money through simply investing spare change from your shopping trips! There are also optional incentives to create savings for your family or retirement. You can get rewarded when you share the app with others.

There’s an awesome promotion available right now. You can earn $350 invested when you invite 2 friends to sign up for Acorns by June 4th!

You can also get a $5 bonus investment for every invite, for both you and each friend.

You have the option to withdraw your $350 referral bonus as well.

Here’s how:

1. Click here to sign up

2. Register your account profile.

3. You will receive a referral link within the app. (Click on the $350 icon in the app)

*Friend must make their first investment within 14 days after the promotional period ends. Your account must be eligible & in good standing. Click here for terms & conditions.

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